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The Opioid Epidemic- Fact, Fantasy, and Demagoguery

Every so often, we need a new “crisis” to overreact to, and waste human and financial capital on misguided remedies. The opioid epidemic is a poster child for scapegoating and misdirected efforts. First, here is the pure fantasy you hear from the mainstream media and politicians: “We have an epidemic of opioid addiction. The main … Continue reading

How Can Government Make Health Care “Affordable?”

It’s a fair question, isn’t it?  Nearly every politician is talking about reduce health care costs, yet very few of them say anything about how they will effect the change.  Let us look at some ways health care costs are limited in some countries currently, then go on to other theoretical ways costs could be … Continue reading

Medicare Predictions

What will happen to Medicare?  My predictions THE PROBLEMS: Medical care is vastly more expensive than when the program was devised, due to technological advances, chief amongst them in imaging and organ transplant. Older patients with critical illnesses who would not survive in times past can be saved today, but at high cost Our population … Continue reading