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A YEAR AMERICANS COLLECTIVELY LOST THEIR MINDS One thing separating our species from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to overrule emotions by reason. If everything works properly, a human should be able to rationally contemplate an action, and decide whether or not to undertake it based on the likely consequences. Experience … Continue reading

The New Year Essay of 2017: The Diversity Hoax

  The Diversity Hoax Human beings are a varied species. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They don’t all fall prone to the same diseases at the same rate. As part of my orthodontic workups, I take x-rays of patient skulls and analyze the positions and angles of bones and teeth. I see … Continue reading

The New Year’s Essay of 2016: The Rise of the Cell Phone Zombies

They aren’t like the zombies you see on television shows. They never died, although it seems part of their brains did. These zombies are only semi-aware of their environment because their concentration is divided. At most, only half of their brain is guiding them through our physical world. The other brain cells are trapped in … Continue reading

New Years Essay 2015: The Problem of Unproductive People

THE PROBLEM OF UNPRODUCTIVE PEOPLE The New Year Essay of 2015 This year I will surprise all of you by not writing about economics per se, as I usually do. Instead, the subject will be one of its inputs- human labor. I guess one of the reasons is I had to hire a new employee … Continue reading

New Years Essay 2014: The Dangers of Debt

THE DANGERS OF DEBT The New Year Essay of 2014 The year was 1959, but I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I was a small lad of four years age. Our family lived in a lower-middle class neighborhood of Metairie, Louisiana. A young family like ours rented the house next door. Their … Continue reading

We’re All Money Printers Now – The New Year Essay of 2013

When man was in the hunter-gatherer stage, there were few products in the market place. Fish, animal pelts, berries and other assorted foodstuffs were easy enough to obtain via barter. Humans existed in small clans or tribes in a communal existence. Procurement of goods from clan to clan probably took place as much from violent … Continue reading

The Forces Align Against Liberty: The New Year Essay of 2012

At any time in history, there are peoples of the Earth throwing off the shackles of tyrannical governments. At the same time there are peoples who are putting them on, either willingly or unwillingly. 2011 unfolded more or less as I expected. The unexpected wild card was the Arab Spring. Who could have predicted that? … Continue reading

Demographics, Debt And The Decline Of The Welfare State: The New Year’s Essay of 2011

What must it feel like to live during a time of dramatic societal change? Do people fully comprehend the historical magnitude of what they are living through? Most humans think by linear extension. They expect tomorrow to bring more or less the same as today. If they expect change at all, they expect it to … Continue reading

“We Should Have Left The Party Earlier!” The New Year Essay of 2009

Credit busts are nothing new under the sun.  They have been going on since the Persians began trading with the Medes.  Credit cycles have several remarkable features.  But the oddest one of all would seem to be this.  Everyone clamors to discover the villain(s) at the root of the credit bust, yet no one thinks … Continue reading

The New Year Message Of 2008: Debt Rears Its Ugly Head Once More

I had in mind many topics to write about this year.  Foremost amongst them was differential population growth amongst various cultures, and how it spells the death knell for Western welfare states.  However interesting that subject is, its place was eclipsed in my mind by our present debt meltdown, influencing world markets and my own … Continue reading