Twas ten years this December our lives’ journey was begun.

Different countries, different cultures- but a marriage made us one.

The day we met I wasn’t seeking girlfriend or wife.

I’d had sufficient drama from the women in my life.

The last thing that I wanted then was more domestic strife.

You attracted my attention with your tanned skin and your smile.

Conversing after church was out would seem to be worthwhile.

A strong affection blossomed, largely thanks to Skype.

By our Honduras visit you had learned to love my type.

You took a giant leap of faith to wed on foreign soil

A dentist driving old cars with clothes stained by motor oil.

We’ve endured a sharp recession, a dental practice move,

Embezzlement, health problems, and some guns you disapprove.

Our marriage isn’t perfect and we’ve had a spat or two.

But despite some disagreements we always work things through.

I love you more than ever, and I know you love me, too.

          Kim Henry



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