Three Pillars

Three Pillars

Three pillars support every civilization worth living in. Just as three legs are necessary for any table to stand upright by itself, three pillars are necessary for the longevity of any society. My blog will be devoted to these three pillars.

The First Pillar consists of the Discovery of Truth. By discovering new truths about our natural universe, human productivity is increased so our standard of living is at least maintained, and hopefully increased. Medical discoveries result in treatments for formerly incurable disease. Engineering discoveries lead to more efficient machines. Human well-being is increased by discovering hidden truths about the physical universe we inhabit.

The Second Pillar consists of the Creation of Art. Art in its various forms makes human life enjoyable. Who would want to live without music in any of its various styles? Who would want to live in drab boxes of malproportioned rooms in monotonus colors with no artwork to grace the walls?

Finally, the Third Pillar, to which the majority of the material on this blog will be devoted, is the Advancement of Liberty. The discovery of truth and creation of art cannot easily take place without the liberty of humans to undertake those tasks. Civil and economic liberties are essential if civilizations are to prosper and survive. Civil liberties can hardly exist without economic liberties- Writing this blog would be impossible were I denied the right of owning this computer! Both civil and economic liberties are equally important components of the third pillar.

This blog will not be politically partisan. Discovering truth, creating art, and advancing liberty should not be political activities. However, various political figures of various political parties may be lampooned herein, inasmuch as they impede progress!


2 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION

  1. I have discovered the truth and the untruth. I stand by truth and honesty. You’re obviously lost in your pillars. Whatever you believe is right, have at it.

    Posted by Matina | September 27, 2020, 8:52 pm
    • If you have indeed discovered the truth, you need to go on evangelistic crusade and spread the news. Men far greater than us, like Socrates, searched their entire life for it.

      You “stand by truth and honesty?” Who doesn’t? Reminds me of Marxists who say they are for “social justice,” and want to erect a police state to enforce it on us. The real question is, what are “truth” and “social justice?” The devil lies in the details.

      Posted by kimhenrydmd | September 28, 2020, 8:27 am

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